We Partner with Attorneys to Add Value to Their Clients

Each divorce is unique that's why we tailor our services to you and your client according to your specific needs.

People going through a divorce can be distraught and anxious about the future.  When they come to your office, they're looking for expertise and professional advice that they can trust when they feel most vulnerable.  Often, they have complicated questions about the financial impact of a divorce.  Sometimes, they have no understanding of the financial issues related to their marriage.  How can you get the details that you need to develop an effective legal strategy?

That's where we come in.  We have the patience to help your clients understand the reality of their financial situation.  We address time-consuming and tedious financial details so that you can focus on the legal aspects of your case.


  • Forensic Lifestyle Analysis: If a spouse's standard of living seems unusual, we can investigate the marital history to determine the accuracy of their accounting.
  • Statement of Net Worth: We prepare documentation that clarifies your clients' total assets and those that both spouses held jointly.
  • Litigation support: Rosalia M. Labate is an appointed financial neutral expert and has testified as an expert witness in divorce litigation

Our other support services include:

  • Assistance to the client in gathering and preparing required financial information
  • Review of financial documentation provided by the spouse
  • Analysis of financial documentation in discovery
  • Tracing financial assets
  • Income determination
  • Financial analysis of settlements
  • Assistance with depositions and cross-examinations of financial experts
  • Preparation and/or rebuttal of business valuations

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No matter what your client's scenario, they need a financial specialist to evaluate their current situation and guide them in planning for the future.


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